Hi, I'm Philipp

Who am I

I'm a developer / administrator, working in parallel as an employee and freelancer.


I work for a Berlin based company, managing their infrastructure and also developing the inhouse PHP framework and website in general.


Implementing projects for different clients, I can work with a larger number of technology stacks, learning new things and dipping toes into new industries / sectors.


Web development

Mobile apps

Linux administration

Home automation /
electronics tinkering

I am fluent in german, english and spanish, spoken and written.

How did I get here

I was lucky and got a computer to tinker with in the 90s, a time where you could 'overclock' your CPU with the press of one button (TURBO) and the commandline was the default. My first programming language was Turbo Pascal.

During my time at the university in 2006 I started as a freelancing web developer, primarily doing frontend (HTML, CSS), while studying Physics (minor in computer science). In 2010 I started building entire backends using plain PHP and MySQL.

From there I went for more framework usage, harnishing the powers of Symphony, Yii, Laravel and the likes, to get more done in less time, but also to keep it DRY and not reinvent the wheel all the time.

While taking pride in pixel perfect HTML / CSS realisations from i.e. Photoshop designs, I can't keep quiet if I see upcoming UX problems and gladly provide feedback and ideas.

Building websites using my trusty linux laptop computers for many years, the step to also manage the servers, running basically the same software, was just natural.

Since 2013 I am employed by a Berlin based company with a business in international travels. Luckily my contract allows me to work from home / anywhere with reliable internet connection 99% of the time, which I absolutelly can recommend for anybody able to structure their workday to get things done. Another benefit at this job is that I only work half the week, giving me ample opportunity to realize more freelance projects. The ability to spend time in projects that spark my interest and / or not necessarilly need to be economically justifiable is something I can also recommend highly!

In that company I took over the role of the admin for their various root servers running the virtualized stacks of services. We use mainly LXC (earlier openVZ) via Proxmox, with a few KVMs and for some projects docker and docker-compose stacks. Docker is also the way I run my development stacks at home for the different projects I'm working on. This is something I gave workshops on for students in Leipzig, since the technology is not depending on the OS of the students computers, but enables them to run the same stack anywhere.

In recent years we moved all the root servers over to ZFS, so we can have very frequent snapshots with auto pruning and are able to zfs send | receive all VMs / Containers to failover systems. This way we are able to minimize downtimes and even recover almost instantly from catastrophic hardware failures.

Lately I did a few larger projects with a Leipzig based Agency. We built Vue.js frontends with Laravel backends.

In my free time I manage cloudstorage, email and messaging platforms for friends and family. Effectively helping people to degooglify their devices. Because the cloud is just somebody elses computer, somebody you usally don't know / have reason to trust. Decentralize!